We support leaders working internationally to deliver better results.

ILP, with over twenty-five years’ experience, offers training and coaching which empowers people to think and act flexibly, and to co-create cultures which drive high performance.


What we believe.

Our purpose is not learning in itself. We help professionals to develop the cross-border skills they need to perform better and achieve the right results.

  • Lead yourself first.

    Grow more insight into who you are and why you do what you do. With more reflection, you will choose behaviours which engage rather than confuse.

  • Educate your teams.

    Invest time in helping people around you learn and improve how they do things. Coach the attitudes and behaviours which are needed in high performing teams and, ultimately, in a high performing organisation.

  • Assume misunderstanding.

    Ask effective questions to clarify and check what you and others understand. Slowing down will gain you speed.

  • Reject simple answers.

    Look below the surface. You’re more likely to find the right solution to complex problems if you think twice.

  • Negotiate collaboration rules.

    Co-create a collaborative culture by talking more about how to communicate. Establish a safe space which encourages diverse perspectives and delivers creative decision making.

How we think.

Our visual tools are designed to help people think differently and more creatively about international leadership. In this issue, Bob Dignen, ILP Director, explores two different but equally valid models of leading teams. He looks at the potential risks which these different beliefs about leadership can have on cross-border teamwork, and offers solutions on how to turn diversity into an advantage.

Download the free e-book with more ideas in how to align diverse expectations about leadership using our visual thinking tools.

Fierce Conversations.

ILP is an authorised European provider and European partner of Fierce®.
We are proud to offer the ground-breaking workshop - ‘Fierce Conversations’.

Who we are.

Our network of highly experienced international trainers, coaches and facilitators with its wealth of expertise will support you find solutions to make a difference.

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